A woman’s quick guide to the different types of shoes

People love being fashionable, especially women. This is the reason why women tend to have more fashionable pieces in their closets. One special saying that a lot of women swear by is that good shoes will take them to the right places. This is mostly true as a good pair of shoes can last long. It will also make an impression. 

Unlike men, people usually judge women based on their shoes. Most of the time, people usually have their eyes on the shoes of a woman and see if it matches her outfit or the occasion she may be attending. With that, women become more cautious about wearing something that is fashionable and comfortable at the same time. 

W Look tells people more about fashion and what they can do to be more fashionable. As this may include having the right knowledge about shoes, here is a quick list of the most popular shoe types women should know more about: 

Peep toe heels 

Peep Toe Heels expand the area beneath your feet and give the appearance of beautiful feet while relieving pressure on the toes. The appearance is also further elevated by accents like stripes or lines on the shoe. Another factor that makes this shoe attractive is that it slightly reveals the toes.


Stilettos are renowned for being significantly longer and thinner than those of other styles of heeled shoes. Stilettos and other similar high heels shoes provide the appearance of a longer, thinner leg, a smaller foot, and an increase in height. They alter a person’s posture by flexing the calf muscles and drawing attention to the woman’s chest and buttocks.

Kitten heels 

A kitten heel is a short, narrow heel with a slight curve that extends from the back edge of the shoe and is often between 1.5 or 1.75 inches high. This shoe type happens to be a favourite of remarkable women like Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama, and Hilary Clinton.


The sole and heel of these types of shoes are made of the same piece of material. This is a type of a high-heeled shoe that typically has a sole that is significantly thicker in the back than in the front. Due to their material, they may be heavy but pleasant to walk in.


Mules can be used for business attire. There are several different types of black mules, including sneakers and mules. For this kind of footwear, women can choose from heels, flats, formal, casual, suede, and a range of vamp and toe styles and lengths.


Espadrilles are ideal for upcoming trips and lengthy flights. They also have the advantage of being portable and light. A good cushioning system for a comfortable walk is provided by footwear composed of natural jute and breathable materials. Regardless of the type of shoe, traditional espadrilles are frequently worn in casual settings.

These are just some popular shoe types that a lot of people should learn more about. By keeping these in mind and knowing what they look like, women can find it easier to choose the perfect pair when they have somewhere to go!

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